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"Thanks for the excellent job you and your company did during our recent remodel. Any [demolition] is a messy job, but ours was completed in an orderly manner and with a minimum of stress to us..."
LaVeron-Paul Vetter, CEO and Sales
A Little History about the CEO of our company
SBCR is a General Contractor, Licensed and Bonded in the State of WA. Our CEO, Mr. Laveron Vetter, brings extensive experience to the company. He has done land and property development, built condominiums, and has purchased and extensively remodeled many homes, including the restoration of older homes. After experiencing the limitation of the "big box / modular style" cabinetry, our CEO started incorporating design and then making semi-custom and, where needed, custom cabinetry.

Our cabinetry is not the "typical" modular cabinets; we make the cabinetry to fit our client's space and/or our clients' needs, regardless of the size.   We call this: semi-custom cabinetry, even if it entails "re-facing" the cabinetry.   As experts in the cabinetry industry, we can manufacture virtually any door style, offer a variety of finishes, stains, glazing and paint colors plus various wood selections. 
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Because we are a remodeling company as well as a cabinet maker, we can either design and/or assist with a design, to modify and/or enlarge any given space.

We offer our services [design, remodeling, cabinetry, stone counter tops, tile work, etc.] to the greater Seattle/Metro area. We also have provided services and have done projects throughout the State of Washington, including Eastern WA, Olympic Peninsula, and Bellingham. Some of our cabinetry projects have been in Oregon and Nevada as well. 

If you wish to and/or elect to do part [s] of an overall project, (and to save on costs) we can provide a fee based consulting services to assist in achieving the improvements you wish, ranging from minor to major changes.